5 Simple Tips To Lose Weight

“Take in fewer calories, burn more calories”, always keep that in mind if you want to lose weight.

But as everyone is aware that losing weight doesn’t come easy, you have to work hard for it. And then there are some diets and quick weight loss plans when don’t lend to work as promised.

If you’re trying to drop those extra pounds below are so tips that will make it easy for you to shed those unwanted pounds quickly.

Never skip breakfast


Always have three main meals for a day. You can also have six small portions if you like (every three to four hours). But never imagine skipping breakfast no matter what. It is the most vital meal of the day.

Skipping other meals may cause increased hunger and tends to lead to excessive snacking at a single time. A high fiber, low fat bowl of oatmeal or cereals with fruits will fill you up for a while, so you won’t gnaw before lunch.

Get a orange juice or other fruit juice at breakfast. But throughout the day, go for a glass of water instead of soda or something else.

Have fruits and vegetables with all your meals that you consume in a day. As said earlier that you can add fruits in your bowl of cereals or oatmeal. You can also stir in berries or peaches in yogurt or cottage cheese.

Try to eat healthier foods first. Keep healthier foods at home, you will be saving yourself from the unhealthy foods. This will help you feel full so that when you get craving for snacks, you don’t get tempted.

Go through the Trim Down Club Review, it is an online fitness club that helps you manage your diet. It not only schedules your daily meal, but it also has a lot of delicious yet healthy recipes on their website.

Eat water-rich foods

Foods such as tomatoes, celery, Brussels sprouts, watermelons, asparagus, cucumbers, zucchini, etc. reduce your overall calories consumption.

Other water-rich foods include soups and salads. Fill most of the part of your meals with vegetables, in stir-fries, omelets, etc. The high-fiber veggies will help you satisfy your hunger before you over-eat the grains.

You still can enjoy high-calorie foods; make a spoonful of ice cream with slices of fruits, if you’re going to have chips have fresh salsa chunks with every chip.

Drink green tea twice a day

Green tea contains caffeine and antioxidants which help you lose weight. It also converts fat into energy quicker than any other ‘food’.

Vary your activities; regularly change your activity routine to avoid exercise burnout. Walk for a few days, ride a bike for a couple of days, go swimming. Seek out and try some new activities- try out a new dancing form, go for a hike, etc. Take out some time to work out and keep you fit.

Be active

Nothing can be more useful for your body than this. If you need to go to a store, walk or ride a bike. It will help you burn off some calories. Play around with kids at the playground or parks (don’t just sit there, have fun).

Have a plan at least a week in advance to determine what food you will consume. It is really helpful and prevents you from having to make quick last minute decisions.

Distract yourself; it helps you when you are fighting a craving. Put on some music, dance around the house (like a fool, if you want), and exercise, call a friend, clean the house or do your chores.

It helps as your mind is occupied elsewhere and your cravings go away quickly.

If you are planning to start a proper routine for physical activities, here are some tips to increase your physical activities.

Treat yourself

Losing weight and keeping the unwanted pounds off is a great accomplishment.

Give yourself treats now and then (stay away from food gifts!), such as new clothes, shoes, going the weekend away on a trip with your friends or spouse. There are so many options you can come up with.

Whatever it is, always follow your plan. Follow, stick and maintain your goals of losing weight and keeping the weight off. Eat right, and in portions. “Eye on the prize” don’t lose sight of your weight loss goals.

Remember that your diet, what you eat is responsible for 80% of your success, the other 20% contributed by your daily activity/exercise/general body movements to burn energy and keep your muscles “usable”.

So concentrate more on your diet when deciding a weight loss strategy. In fact, we would go as far as saying that even go beyond diet and concentrate on forming good habits first!


Yes, more than “which diet should I start”, the real question is which diet can you stick to?!

Because half of obese Americans start a new diet every year, usually during the new year resolutions “period” and less than 2% stick with it for more than 3 months! Yes, that’s a surprisingly scary statistic but it’s true…

And the problem’s not the diet, many of the popular diet programs are really good do help people, the problem is “sticking” to the them, showing perseverance.

For that matter, what we suggest before starting a diet is form good habits like eating a heavy breakfast loaded with proteins and good fats, avoiding processed and packaged foods, reducing white food intake, etc.

Once you start doing these basic things, ONLY THEN have you proven and shown the will to start a new diet.

We wish you all the best in your healthy venture and hope that you are among the 2% people who DID manage to lose weight and prove everyone else wrong.


Laxatives For Weight Loss – Do They Work?

A bizarre new way to lose weight-Laxatives! Don’t just lose poop, lose weight too. Should you try it?

Weight loss is life’s only goal nowadays. At least it seems so when you look at all the infomercials on the telly.

People fancy being scientists and go to any extent to lose weight.

Use of Laxatives tops the list of experiments people do on their body in the name of weight loss. Laxatives are chemicals that help in relieving temporary constipation.

There are different types of laxatives, some stimulate the bowels to move the feces and some extract liquids from the body to make the body produce feces with high water content which will help it flow through the bowels better with Skinny Bonny.

However, people have started using laxatives to lose weight. The results are misleading, as the weight loss is temporary and unnecessary use of laxatives can cause severe side effects.

Laxatives can be considered a very cheap way to lose weight and lose weight quick. Laxatives can be used for a quick loss in weight so that you feel better, or fit in a particular dress.

But if you want to use laxatives as the only method to lose weight, read on. You can use laxatives to lose weight by following a pattern or a plan that suits your body type.

A typical plan would be to take a laxative pill before every meal. This is logical as the laxative needs something to push out.


Also you must continuously keep your body hydrated as these many laxatives will remove a lot of water from your body.

The trick here is to maintain a balance; by drinking water you are keeping your body’s water retention capacity still strong. Also, you must take into consideration the vicinity of a bathroom while you are taking laxatives.

You might have to get up in the middle of the night to go answer the induced nature’s call. You must have something in your stomach so that laxatives work.

Laxatives help clear the feces in your body. This gives a feeling of being light and cleansed.

So it might make people think removing waste from the body is equivalent to losing weight. It initially starts with taking about 2 pills a day. It might result in weight loss, but after a while it stops. Hence people start taking more pills a day.

And hope and number of pills goes on!

This is not good.

You are replacing a natural process of eliminating waste. This will cause your body to rely on laxatives to move the feces. And this could result in a more severe constipation. Also, excessive use of laxatives will cause loss of vitamins and minerals from your body, making your body deficient.

After a time, you will lose the ability to control your feces and that will land you in an awkward situation when you cannot relieve yourself. The water retention ability of the body is also seriously affected.

Excessive use of laxatives can also cause dehydration.

Use of laxatives can have serious side effects; Stomach cramps and dehydration being the most common side effects.

Another side effect is nausea, which could cause an uneasy feeling and a loss of appetite for 3 days. Vomiting and dizziness soon follow.

Diarrhea and rectal bleeding are another two side effects of using laxatives. Also due to extra loss of water, there could be electrolyte imbalance, which can further cause problems like muscle fatigue, mental problems, cramping and irregular heartbeat.

However, if you still are insane enough to use laxatives to lose weight, then you must take some precautions.

Taking supplements like anti-oxidants and vitamins will help keep your body nourished. It is still very risky. The cost of losing weight by laxatives may be cheap, but the effect it can have on your body can cost you your life.

Choose wisely, do you want to be someone who frequents a gym or the bathroom!?


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